Nutrition BINGO

Starts May 24th!


Good Nutrition is our Mission!


According to choosemyplate.gov, eating healthy is a journey shaped by many factors. No matter your stage of life, food preferences, living situations, access to foods, traditions, cultures and personal decisions, everything we eat affects our body.


Being able to find your personal healthy eating style and maintaining it for a lifetime can be overwhelming. Throughout the next month, Work Well will help! We will give you tips and guidelines aimed to help you make healthy, lifelong food choices the easy choices.

Let's start Nutrition BINGO!


Join Work Well and participate in Nutrition BINGO! You'll learn about sugar alternatives, healthy snacks, dairy alternatives, vegetables and healthy fats throughout the next month.


OH! And the chance to win PRIZES! At the 2 week mark (if you have 2 BINGOs), there are freebies for everyone who qualifies and the chance to win one of five - $20 gift cards. At the end of the challenge TWO GRAND PRIZES will be drawn if the participant has full blackout bingo (two - $100 gift cards).

**All prizes will be held until the Wellness Center is open and faculty/students/staff are not working remotely.**


Nutrition BINGO runs 

May 24 - June 20Sign up today!


What IS Nutrition BINGO?

Nutrition BINGO is a Work Well sponsored program geared to build your awareness around healthy food and how to personalize your lifelong eating style.

Nutrition BINGO runs from May 24 - June 20

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