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Learn and Earn Opportunity for Grad Students

Graduate Student – Cyberinfrastructure Assistantship Opportunity

ND EPSCoR’s New Discoveries in the Advanced Interface of Computation, Engineering, and Science (ND-ACES) Graduate Student Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Assistantship program is designed to (1) increase student understanding of advanced research computing in hardware and software as it relates to their discipline; (2) provide additional support to faculty in the Center for Cellular Biointerfaces in Science and Engineering (CCBSE); and (3) provide student/faculty CI training at all ND EPSCoR-participating institutions on potential CI uses/benefits.

Support will be available for one academic year for one-half (10 hours per week) of a full-time graduate student assistantship in the UND Computational Research Center (CRC). For the ND-ACES supported 10 hours per week, the student must work within the CRC under the direction of the Center’s staff. It is anticipated that one (1) Graduate Student CI Assistantship will be awarded at UND. The Dean of the UND Graduate School, the UND NSF RII Track-1 ND-ACES Co-PI, and the CRC Advanced CI Manager will serve as the review panel to evaluate the applications. For more information see the PDF download – Request for Applications.

Application Deadline: 5:00 pm CDT on August 26, 2022