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Native Dancer: Working in Character Creator 4

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

Characters being made for the Native Dancer project are being developed in Character Creator 4(CC4). CC4 is a program that designers can use to fully customize avatars in various styles. Character creator 4 is unique in the way it is compatible with various other 3D programs and tools.

Learn more about CC4 here Character Creator | Reallusion.

Character Creator Home Page- Full body Female Character Draft for Native Dancer

I am creating male and female character bodies with realistic features and characteristics. The goal of these characters are not to be modeled after a specific individual, but rather are being developed to represent someone who could be a member of a Northern plains associated tribe.

After research and practicing all of the amazing tools and features of CC4, I began to work on the characters for Native Dancer. Below you can see what stage the characters are currently in. These avatars have been modified from head to toe, using various sliders to change their looks, as well as tonal features related to skin color and eye color. CC4 is an adaptable program, you can modify details down to the highlights and angles of the hair strands. Other small details such as angles of a nostril or eye corner, and fingernail shape are some examples. Other features of the program include changing the poses of the characters, adding motions or lighting to the scenes, and editing meshes.

Male and Female Character Drafts

Some challenges I encountered while working on the Native Dancer characters were overall familiarizing with all the tools and modifications that can be applied in the CC4 program, adjusting to accurate skin tones and eye color changes, as well as building and modifying hairstyles. The biggest resource for me to overcome these obstacles have been online guidance via other user tutorials and reading more about CC4.

Beginner tutorials were very helpful to get started in the program and to help locate the various tools needed to do each modification. I found the best way to learn and familiarize with each of the tools was to experience it. Familiarizing myself with various terms found in the software has also been helpful when looking back on the tutorials for further guidance. At this stage in the character development I have one female and one male drafted. My next steps in CC4 are to go back on the body morph sliders and adjust areas to portray the characters further in the right light. The goal for these characters are for them to accurately represent people in the native communities.

Character Creator Home Page- Full body Male Character Draft for Native Dancer