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Native Dancer: Moving Between Character Creator 4 and Marvelous Designer 

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

This week I have made progress in both Character Creator(CC) and marvelous designer(MD). I have successfully gone back into CC and modified various body parts on the female character to make her more proportionate, been able to change the fabrics and fabric settings on clothing patterns I am currently working on, familiarized with more of the tools in MD and stared a few more outfit designs. My most accomplished task for this week has been trouble shooting a way to design the clothing onto the Native Dancer Avatars instead of using the MD default characters.  

Fabric Change Samples-Native Dancer Project

Going back and modifying the current character before diving into finding a way to make the clothing directly on the marvelous designer characters was priority this week to ensure that the final clothing designs would fit the character best. The changes I made to the female character involved modifying the size of her head to be a bit smaller and fit more with her body, as well as modify her neck size and neck and chest length. I then exported the character from CC and uploaded it as an avatar file in MD.  

Female Clothing Design Transferred from Default Character to Native Dancer Character

Before, working on the CC avatars in MD was not working for me, I was experiencing what seemed like a glitch when simulating the clothing on the characters. I tried to get around this by changing the mesh count of the 3d material I was creating, but this was unsuccessful. I also tried changing the layer of the clothing items from layer 0 to –1 to see if they would fit snugger. I thought the layer previously applied with undergarments in CC was causing the clothing to float around the character more than against it. This was also unsuccessful. Finally, I opened two windows with a default MD character and the other with a CC Avatar. I was able to compare the two and discovered that the CC avatars were uploading much smaller than the default MD character. After changing the scale of the CC avatars, the glitch was gone, and the simulation of the patterns worked great.  

From now on I will be designing the clothing directly on the characters created in CC. After being able to work on the Native Dancer characters directly in MD I was able to begin creating more designs that would be custom fit to the Native Dancer characters. I was also successful in simulating the previous female design made on the Default MD character onto the CC created Native Dancer Female Avatar.

Female Clothing Designed Directly on Native Dancer Character