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Native Dancer: Progress in Marvelous Designer

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

This week I have been learning and working more in Marvelous Designer(MD). I have made progress on a street clothing outfit for a female character, and have basic patterns for pants and a T-shirt fitted on a male character. Next, I will be adjusting the basic patterns, so they fit each avatar better. This is all part of my learning process, as when I make the final street clothing, I would like to design directly on the Native Dancer characters I created in Character Creator 4. To create these designs and learn the tools more smoothly, I have been creating on the basic avatar choices already available in MD.  

Native Dancer Project- Marvelous Designer Male Street clothing Base clothing

While working at this stage I specifically focused on two goals, being able to simulate pants correctly on a character and making cuts on patterns I have already pieced together. I originally had trouble fitting pants to both male and female characters in MD. After doing some research on tutorials and even looking at sewing patterns for jeans online, it has helped me to create my own patterns on MD. After adjusting curved parts of the patterns, the pants simulated great on the Male character.  

Native Dancer Project- Marvelous Designer Male Street clothing Draft- Base Clothing

Making cuts in the clothing was also important for me to get comfortable with as knowing this will help to fit the clothing better to the characters, create style points, and will help when adding other pieces like the zippers. You can cut any free handed shape, circular holes, and darts into the clothing. Darts are typically diamond shaped cuts that can be pieced back together to fit clothing snugger to the character’s body shape.  

Native Dancer Project- Female Character Street Clothing Draft

Another major help when creating the patterns has been adding or removing break points in the fabric. The next step in MD is to add more details to clothing, such as pockets, waist bands, belt holes, hemming and any other detailing to make the clothing more realistic, I will also be changing the fabrics, and toggling with the size of the mesh to help with simulations. Eventually, I will be able to create clothing directly on the Native Dancer characters.  

Native Dancer Project- Female Character Street Clothing Draft