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Native Dancer: Street Clothing So far

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

This week has been all about refining what I have learned so far in marvelous designer (MD) and about Character Creator, diving into the smaller details of the clothing designs. There has been a mix of jumping between all the tools in MD as well as looking deeper into the settings and properties of each one to further my overall goals. I have successfully been able to upload my own pattern to the clothing instead of just using the default fabrics, added a graphic to a t shirt, created zippers and buttons as well as made more modifications to the patterns adding sewing details to the street clothes.

Female Native Dancer Character-Street Clothing

The pattern I used to upload a different texture to the jeans was a basic photo of jean fabric. I was then able to change the scale and repeat the pattern as desired on the clothing in MD. I also made various copies of this fabric to apply different settings to various parts of the jeans. For example, the pattern scale is a little different on each pocket and varies when it comes to the pant leg to achieve this wrinkled jean look.  

Default Jean Fabric(L), Custom jean fabric(R)- Female and Male Native Dancer Characters

Next I experimented with applying a graphic to a piece of clothing such as a t-shirt or putting a patch on something. I first tried to do this in a similar fashion to changing the texture and pattern of the jeans and was unsuccessful. However, I was able to discover how to apply a graphic to the fabric and create more solid patterned fabrics this way. Applying the graphic to the t-shirt in the end was simpler than using this method. There is a 2D graphic tool you can use to upload a graphic of your own and scale it directly onto the clothing in MD.  

Female Native Dancer Character- Street clothing Hoodie/Zipper

The rest of the modifications and tools I worked with were simply pattern editing tools to make the fit of the clothing more custom to my characters. The zippers and buttons that were added to clothing this week were trial and error of the same process as MD has tools to add zippers and buttons as well as change the style of the various parts. Next, I would like to experiment with creating my own pieces that could be used as details on clothing as well as having more of my own designs to apply as fabrics when I come back to these steps. While I continue to work on these street clothing items for both the male and female characters, I will simultaneously begin to construct the first Native Dance Regalia for the characters.