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Native Dancer: Jingle Dress Design

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

This week I worked on detailing the choice design for the first regalia piece we will create on a 3D character. As discussed in past meetings and discussions with the Native Dancer advisory team, we wanted a full jingle dress with sleeves that come together at the wrists. We also discussed having a decorative top to go with the dress such a vest.

Moving forward with my part, I began making more sketches with more detailing in the designs and color choices. I also did the coloring on the computer instead of with traditional mediums. Through the sketching process I came up with two choices for the final design, which were a vest or a jacket top. The advisory committee was on board with the choices so far. The next and close to final step is to create a uniform dress design that could match with either the vest or the jacket. I would like the final designs to be interchangeable.

Native Dancer- Design Sketches

In the Marvelous Designer program this week, I have only done small modifications to fit the basic dress more to the overall design choice we came up with. The pattern here will not be the final dress but is serving as a basic pattern to work from once I have the sleeve style and basic pieces fitting the avatar correctly. I will also go back into my street clothing files to use as other basic patterns for the jacket item.

Native Dancer- Basic Dress Pattern

Before adding more aspects to the dress in Marvelous Designer I will be creating patterns and designs to apply to the fabrics in adobe programs. This is how I will begin the customization of the dress after the overall dress is built in Marvelous Designer. By the end of next week, I hope to be started on the final jingle dress in the 3D platform.