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Native Dancer: Fancy Shawl Regalia

 Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

For the past few weeks, we have been busy with multiple tasks involving Native Dancer. Mainly working on fitting the clothing and accessories to the Male Character in Unreal. We have now moved onto getting the Female Character and Jingle dress to the same stages as the Male Character. Aside from fitting a Female Character into a jingle dress, we will be adding a second female character in the viewing demo: she will be a Fancy Shawl dancer.

First, I started out making the fancy shawl regalia design by hand sketching (the same I did the past designs). Then only sharing one sketch with the ND Advisory committee and my intention of using neon colors, everyone was pleased. I am now making the patterns to apply to the fabrics. The reason for including neon colors is it would be a good contrast to the other designs. Below you can see the inspiration sketch of the design.

Native Dancer Project- Fancy Shawl Design Sketch

Currently, the fancy shawl design is lacking color and accessories. I will be creating the colored patterns in a 2D format before adding them to the design Below. In the past when patterns were applied to the regalia before all changes were made in Marvelous Designer, the 2D patterns wouldn’t fit correctly. Adding the 2D patterns last will make for a cleaner design.

Native Dancer Project- Fancy Shawl Design in Marvelous Designer