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SMHS Student Affairs & Admissions News


Volunteer to assist future med students!
The SMHS Office of Student Affairs & Admissions will be asking for volunteers to take care of the admissions table on our behalf as we conduct medical school applicant interviews in the next few months. We need volunteers for all but one weekend in November, the first weekend in December, and one in January. Interviews take place on those weekends on Friday afternoon and evening, and all day Saturday. Thank you in advance for your help. It means a lot to our applicants to have someone help them calm down and answer their questions.

Service Opportunities
In block two we will talk with you about your interest in serving on different medical school committees, as well as committees outside the institution. You will receive more information on these leadership and committee opportunities soon, but below is some information to get you thinking about service. (FYI, we will not be filling the Medical Student Academic Performance Committee or the Admissions Committee positions until later. These two committees can be very time consuming, and completing those selections later gives you a better opportunity to consider if your schedule will allow for that time commitment.)

Class Officers

  • President – Provides general leadership for the class. Often represents the class to the administration. Establishes other committees as needed. Automatically serves on the UND SMHS Student Council.
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Keeps minutes of class meetings. Keeps the books for all class funds and disburses any funds which are spent. Automatically serves on the UND SMHS Student Council, serving as Student Council Secretary for one year and as Treasurer for the second year.
  • Student Council (4 members/class) – The class President, the class Secretary-Treasurer, and two other elected members. Annually conducts Pre-Med Day, working with the UND Undergraduate Medical Association. Budgets funds to support various student organizational activities. May undertake a number of other projects as needed or desired. The Chairman/President of the Student Council also represents the student body on the UND SHMS Faculty Academic Council (FAC). Usually meets monthly.

Medical Curriculum Committee (MCC) / Basic Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee (BSCS) / Clinical Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee
The class selects two students to serve on a couple of committees as medical student representatives. A member and an alternate member will be elected to serve on the Medical Curriculum Committee (MCC). This position is for a voting member. The committee typically meets once or twice a month at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. MCC is responsible for oversight of the medical curriculum. Aside from serving as the alternative MCC member, a student will also serve as the second-year class representative for the Basic Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee (BSCS) as well as the fourth-year class representative for the Clinical Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee. CSCS meets the second Tuesday of the month from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

NDAFP Student Liaison and Board Member
The NDAFP is a medical specialty group which represents the interests of family physicians. It pursues varied activities from lobbying the government to medical education to continuing medical education. The student selected should have an interest in a career in Family Medicine.

Representative to Student Section Board, NDMA/AMA
Two class members are selected each year from the first-year class to participate as voting members of the Board. You must be an AMA member. The two co-elected representatives to the AMA student section board are primarily responsible for the a handful of policy and service oriented events throughout the year, plus recruitment of incoming medical students.

North Dakota Medical Association Commissions
There are various positions open for first-year medical students on the NDMA Commission. Descriptions of each are listed below:

  • NDMA Commission on Socioeconomic Affairs – Addresses medical-economic issues, including insurance, third-party reimbursement and contracts, Medicare and Medicaid, and variety of other economic issues. The chair is Dr. Parag Kumar.
  • NDMA Commission on Medical Education – The NDMA Commission on Medical Education acts as an advocate for all levels of medical education, a liaison between the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences and the Association, a liaison between the AMA Medical Student Section, supports the continuing medical education activities of the Association, and oversees NDMA’s CME accreditation program.
  • NDMA Commission on Medical Ethics
  • The medical ethics position for the NDMA involves representing the ethical opinions of medical students to the NDMA. The time commitment is very minimal.
  • NDMA Commission on Medical Services and Public Relations
  • Comments from a previous year: The NDMA Commission on Medical Services and Public Relations addresses public health and medical services issues and oversees NDMA public relations.
  • NDMA Commission on Legislative and Governmental affairs
  • Addresses legislative issues between annual meetings.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Board Representatives (2 positions)
Two class members are selected each year from the first year class to participate as voting members of the Board. You must be an AMSA member. The student organization of the AMA puts together several events throughout the year.