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2021 Admissions cycle: the ‘Fauci effect’ at UND

This year’s application numbers were at an all-time high for UND’s MD program. We had a total of 2,064 applications and 1,187 finalized applications! The Medical School Admissions Committee interviewed 187 applicants and offers of acceptance went out at the end of January for the Class of 2025. This admissions cycle looked a lot different than usual, but went very well and allowed faculty and students from across the state to be more involved with it being virtual. We are very excited to welcome the incoming class of 2025. We will be hosting virtual “Getting to Know You Days” on April 22 and 29 for accepted applicants.

For more details, check out the story the SMHS quarterly magazine North Dakota Medicine ran on the “Fauci effect” at UND here!