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Reminders: Immunizations, Jury Duty


Please remember the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions no longer houses your immunization records. Do not email or fax any personal records to All of your records are stored at Myrecordtracker. It is your responsibility to keep your immunization information updated. Myrecordtracker will send you email reminders 30 days before the due date for any records (and at 15 days and 5 days). Please fulfill the requirements by the due date to avoid any repercussions. If you are having trouble logging on or have forgotten your password, please call 855‐225‐8606 and press 1. You will be prompted to be able to leave a voicemail message. We have been reassured that officials at Myrecordtracker try to respond to queries within 24 hours.

It is extremely important that you keep your information in Campus Connection updated. Your current mailing address and cell phone number should be kept updated at all times to ensure you receive everything intended for you. Please make a habit of updating your information periodically!

Jury Duty

Did you receive a summons for Jury Duty, and aren’t sure how you can do your civic duty and keep up with your studies at the same time? Worry no more! Simply provide a copy of the summons and any other paperwork you received to Rob Howard in the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions, located in SMHS Suite W101, and we will send a letter to the Clerk of Court requesting you be excused for the current term of the court. Email Rob at

Health Insurance

As you may already know, medical students are required to carry health insurance. If you need help with any health insurance related questions, please go to the SAA website and navigate to the Medical Student Handbook, under “Health Insurance.”