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Campus Updates: Aug. 2019


Late spring/early summer is a dynamic time for rising third-year students; the time for seeing patients and working and learning on the wards is finally here. It’s what each student has been waiting for since deciding to become a physician and apply to medical school. For rising fourth-year students, thoughts of career choices, residency matching, and elective rotations (here and away) are foremost in their minds.

On the Southeast Campus, and on behalf of our staff Kristi Hofer and Brianne Melicher, I would like to welcome you, let you know that we understand the challenges of starting a new year, and send the strong message that WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

It is a busy month and in the Campus Dean’s office as we are preparing for the new third-year students and rising fourth-year students. ACLS classes for students were held May 29-31 at the UND Medical Education Center. This certification is important, required for residency, and was provided FREE by the SE Campus for our students.

Late June and early July is a busy time with hospital orientation for new residents, and campus, hospital, and clerkship orientation for rising third-years. Fourth-years are working on their letters of recommendation, editing dean’s letters and preparing applications for residency. They can start uploading their application in the early part of September with the final dean’s letter coming on line on October 1.

Final word: Congratulations on successfully proceeding to the next step towards becoming a physician.  Please take a moment to reflect upon this real and important accomplishment.

Cornelius Dyke, MD
Associate Dean and Southeast Campus Dean
UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences


From the Boards to the Wards:  The Grand Forks Experience

Whether I was getting ready to scrub-in on an emergent procedure at 2 a.m. or scrambling to get my morning cup of joe prior to a full H&P on an early morning admission, this past year felt like I was always on my feet learning something new–not only about the medicine and my patients, but also myself. Having almost completed third-year, I find myself reminiscing and reflecting on the most insightful lessons I have learned on the wards from my attendings and patients.

Having completed almost all my core clerkships in Grand Forks, I have nothing but great things to say about my experience at the Grand Forks campus. I am currently in my last core clerkship in third-year, psychiatry. So far, I am finding this clerkship to be a thought-provoking and introspective experience. I am thankful to the amazing Red River Behavioral Health System staff that have made this clerkship an intriguing and exciting learning experience.

Albeit, most of the third-year core clerkships take place at Altru Health System in Grand Forks. The UND SMHS faculty and staff at Altru have managed to create an excellent atmosphere for third- and fourth-year medical students to become essential members of the patient care team. My experience at the Grand Forks campus and Altru has been phenomenal. The faculty truly enjoy teaching. They provide a safe environment with an appropriate level of autonomy to showcase/expand your knowledgebase, sharpen your diagnostic chops, augment your clinical presentation skills, and apply patient management skills.

Additionally, as third- and fourth-year medical students, we get to interact and work with residents. Especially during our Family Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics-Gynecology clerkships. Residents play a vital role in our education as we transition to our clinical years of medical school. They often broaden our knowledge base, enrich our learning experience, and mentor us as we navigate the ‘real-world’ intricacies of working in a health care system.

Lastly, I am also fortunate to be a part of a tight knit group of medical students during the past year. Given that we were a small group of students compared to other campuses, we would often organize social gatherings, including a post-shelf exam lunch-on every eight weeks!

To those beginning third-year this summer: be engaged, be kind, learn from your patients, and be a team player and this year will become your favorite year in medical school. If you are staying in Grand Forks, feel free to stop and talk to me or any of us here in Grand Forks, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have or simply hang-out.

On a separate note, congratulations to the M.D. class of 2019! Also, M.D. class of 2023, welcome to UND SMHS! We are excited to have you join the UND SMHS legacy.

Shaneabbas Raza



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