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MS4: Noteworthy Characteristics on the MSPE

If you haven’t already, please work with your Phase 2 campus dean to discuss the Noteworthy Characteristics section of your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). The Dean sends the final version to SAA to add to the MSPE. You will have a chance to view the first draft of your MSPE before it is finalized. The timeline has not been determined, but we’re hoping you’ll have the first draft by the end of August. The comments from each of your clerkships will be taken from the summative comments area of your LEO evaluations verbatim. If you have any comments from your clerkship evaluations that you don’t agree with, you must contact the preceptor to have them officially changed in LEO. Other than punctuation or simple grammar changes, we cannot change the content of the written evaluations without the preceptor’s permission. Please do so now rather than a month from now to ensure a timely result.