Grand Rounds

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Class of 2024: Congratulations, diploma requests

You made it!

First, CONGRATULATIONS on successfully completing your medical education at UND! It has been a pleasure watching you all grow into the young physicians that we know will be outstanding. Your perseverance through what has not been the typical medical school experience proves you have what it takes to succeed in the next steps of your journey to become the provider you’ve always wanted to be. We are so excited to cheer you on as you navigate residency, and your programs are incredibly lucky to have you! The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions is happy to have been a just a small piece of your experience, and we hope that you stay in touch!

The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions wishes you all nothing but the best!

Match Results

Anyone looking for the full list of Match Day results can find the list online here.

Campus Connections updates

It is extremely important that you keep your information in Campus Connection updated. Your current mailing address and phone number should be kept updated at all times to ensure you receive everything intended for you. Please make a habit of updating your information periodically!

If you change your name, please let our office know as soon as possible. Your name needs to be officially changed within the NDUS system. Please follow this link to get started. Contact Bethany Reck ( with questions.

Requesting forms/documents from SAA

Finally, many of you may need verification forms completed, not to mention transcripts, diploma copies, and a variety of other documentation for your residency program or next steps. In the next few weeks, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting these requests. Please do not submit any requests prior to receiving this email.

Please note that we cannot send any information to your programs until after graduation and your degree has been finalized by UND. This may take a few weeks while we wait for all final grades to be posted and have your transcripts certified by the Registrar’s Office. Once this happens, we will send the documents to the address provided. Once the forms have been completed by our office, you will receive an email from us letting you know.

Furthermore, SAA is not able to send official transcripts. UND uses to send these. Once your degree has posted to your diploma, you will receive an email with instructions for ordering them.

Please let SAA know if you have any questions or concerns.