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Program Finder Fixes Live

The following fixes to the Program Finder were made live to improve usability and accessibility. This was a 13-month project with mStoner/Carnegie.

  • Removed the quick card preview. We now link all program titles and photos directly to the program page (eliminating an extra click). It is believed the quick card action was negatively impacting search engine optimization. We’ll continue to measure organic traffic to the Program Finder to quantify results.
  • Removed the compare functionality. The compare drawer was presenting accessibility issues that could not be resolved without more time investment.
  • Created Load More functionality at the bottom of results instead of endless autoloading of programs.
  • Improved accessibility by bumping up the font size of the green program titles on each card.
  • Added Online and/or On-Campus to each program card.
  • Removed the print icon on the Program Finder homepage because the page wasn’t print-friendly.
  • Removed breadcrumbs on the Program Finder homepage because they didn’t serve a function.