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Updated SEO Activity Plans

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Search engine optimization (SEO) work on the Program Finder started in May 2021. Work is reversing the negative organic search traffic trend and producing modest results (up 4.3% over Q2 FY21). SEO Activity Plans SEO Activity Plans are now running for all academic programs with enough keyword search volume. Some programs have limited national search […]

Get Your Program Finder SEO Results

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UND invested in an Advanced Search Engine Optimization tool to improve Program Finder organic search performance. Multiple sources indicate the number one question prospective students have is “do they have my program”. Online research is central to answer this question. Getting in the top 10 of search results is critical to being seen by prospective […]

Good News – We Have a News Archive

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Thanks to our awesome library staff, we have a news archive in Scholarly Commons. It includes all UND RSS articles in OmniUpdate dating back to 2011. Check it out at We set up this archive because using our website as historical archive is “bad news”. Here’s why: Search engines (Google/Bing) like fresh sites with […]

Bring Back A-Z!!!

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We continue to receive feedback on the new website. The top request (51 of 127 form submissions) was bring ‘back the A-Z Index.’ This was expected but the level of hostility by some was not. Past data proves the A-Z Index was highly used by internal audiences. However, mStoner, the higher education website professionals assisting […]

Stick to the Plan

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If you’ve attended a wave launch session, you know this entire project tricky. As Run-DMC says, “it’s tricky, tricky, tricky.” Even in the best of circumstances, moving to a new website is tedious and cumbersome. The only thing that can make migration smoother is planning and sticking to the plan. That’s why we’re not seeking […]