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Get Your Program Finder SEO Results

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UND invested in an Advanced Search Engine Optimization tool to improve Program Finder organic search performance. Multiple sources indicate the number one question prospective students have is “do they have my program”. Online research is central to answer this question. Getting in the top 10 of search results is critical to being seen by prospective […]

Program Finder Facelift

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All Program Finder index pages are getting a facelift with an updated look and more dynamic ways to display content. While most content will remain the same, pages will be revised to improve search rankings (i.e. Google, Bing) and ensure they meet accessibility requirements. All other existing pages (Requirements, How To Apply, UND Online, and […]

New Way to Quickly Estimate Tuition and Fees

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The days of having one table that clearly describes UND’s tuition and fees are gone. Our differential tuition model is complex – changing based on major, residency, online or on-campus, number of credits, term etc. We had to use fine print to explain all the nuances. Presenting the cost of attending UND is now easier […]

1 Year Anniversary of Program Finder

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UND’s Program Finder provides prospective students a central location to explore all academic programs offered at UND. Since launch, web inquiries increased 386% for undergraduate programs and 138% for graduate programs. The Program Finder also won an Award of Excellence at the 25th Annual Communication Awards and has attracted the attention of several higher ed […]

Our New “Front Door” to Programs

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Fall (September and October) is prime time for recruitment and our new program finder is exceeding expectations. Here’s what we’re noticing: 71% Spike in PDF Downloads The program finder allows users to generate a program fact sheet (PDF) for each program. Every PDF download costs us $0.02. Downloads went up so dramatically in September that […]