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UND Calendar Improvements

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The UND Calendar feeds events automatically into web pages and the new My UND app. Improvements to UND Calendar filters were established to ensure events are getting fed into the correct places. Moving forward, please follow guidelines when submitting events. 1. Keywords May Convert to Tags Many areas across campus can benefit from tagging events. […]

It’s Calendar Prime Time

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We reviewed last year’s calendar use and found some interesting results. Calendar Traffic Spiked the First Week of School Each UND calendar event typically receive about 6,000 pageviews per week but spiked to almost 15,0000 pageviews the first week of the fall 2018 semester. Our students are engaged the first week of school and want […]

New Calendar Live

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The new UND events calendar powered by Localist is now live! The old calendar is officially retired and no longer available for use. If you embed events on your website, we’ve already changed the embed to point to the new calendar. Help Your Events Stand-Out If you’re throwing great events but no one’s attending them, […]

New Calendar Launches 12.18.17

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We’re working hard to launch our new event calendar on December 18, 2017 (see 8.31.17 post). The new calendar will function and filter events differently from the current calendar; therefore we aren’t able to easily import events from the current calendar to the new calendar. We’re doing our best to transfer what we can, but […]