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Good News – We Have a News Archive

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Thanks to our awesome library staff, we have a news archive in Scholarly Commons. It includes all UND RSS articles in OmniUpdate dating back to 2011. Check it out at We set up this archive because using our website as historical archive is “bad news”. Here’s why: Search engines (Google/Bing) like fresh sites with […]

UND's Leaders in Action

Making Waves

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UND's Leaders in Action

We continue to learn and improve as we mark the two month anniversary of Wave 1 and launch Wave 2. New Leaders in Action Site A new Leaders in Action story telling site launched August 2. It features 12 current students and recent alumni who are living our story. Individual stories have a unique URL, […]

Shopping for Programs at UND

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Imagine for a moment you are Emily, a 17 year-old-senior from a suburb of the Twin Cities. You are at the top of your class and exploring several regional college options. You don’t know what you want to be, but you want a good career that pays well. You rely on Google to find majors […]

A New Search Experience

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The Need Back in January 2017, we learned from in-person focus groups that campus was frustrated with the search experience. We also learned our current search appliance (Google Site Search) will be discontinued, making it necessary to find a new on-site search solution. The Goal The ultimate search will understand everything in the world […]

Get a Head Start

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My favorite quote is from Bob Johnson, a web consultant for higher ed. He says, “websites always eat but they never poop.” Well folks, our website needs an enema. Our bloated 30,000-page website will be streamlined to under 15,000 pages – that’s one page per student for easy figuring. Delete R.O.T. Now I have heard […]