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2022 Program Finder Audit

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Marketing is conducting an annual Program Finder audit. UND’s Program Finder is the #1 place prospective students go to learn about academic offerings, attracting over 2.2 million external visitors in 2021. Its critical program page content is up-to-date and we need your help reviewing program page content. Refer to the Program Finder Audit for details, best practices and things to […]

New Footer Coming 2.2.22

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UND will launch a redesign footer on February 2, 2022.  Request for More Links The new footer comes after campus requests to include additional links in the footer. Thus, a usability and industry best practice study was done with mStoner – our higher ed expert web consultants we’ve partnered with for four years. We conducted […]

See the New Templates in Action

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The New Year will bring us a new website and we’ve finally got working templates for you to see. 3 Big Changes Our new templates employ a number of best practices to increase usability. Chiefly, you’ll notice three major differences: Responsive – The site is programmed to detect the width of each user’s web browser […]

Shopping for Programs at UND

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Imagine for a moment you are Emily, a 17 year-old-senior from a suburb of the Twin Cities. You are at the top of your class and exploring several regional college options. You don’t know what you want to be, but you want a good career that pays well. You rely on Google to find majors […]