Breaking Convention

Vamegh Rasouli embraces the term “unconventional” when it comes to North Dakota and the economic promise that it holds. For most, the word suggests a deviation from the norm, a flirtation with the unknown. For Rasouli, that’s the whole idea. You see, […]

Predictive Technology

Kouhyar Tavakolian, assistant professor of electrical engineering, and co-director of the Biomedical Engineering Research Complex Kouhyar Tavakoulian knows how dangerous hemorrhages are, and he’s working on technology that will help physicians in the future to track major blood vessels that might fail […]

Catching them early

Naima Kaabouch, associate professor of electrical engineering and director of the Signal/Image Processing Laboratory, College of Engineering & Mines. Among the thorniest health problems around is the upswing in Type II, or so-called adult onset diabetes. Left untreated, it’s fatal, and […]