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UND research on hypersonic vehicles picks up speed

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Hallie Chelmo, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering, and David Delene, research professor of Atmospheric Sciences, have been awarded $750,000 from the Office of Naval Research to study how ice crystals form in the atmosphere and how they impact hypersonic vehicles. Such vehicles include certain missiles, military vehicles, and spacecraft reentering earth’s atmosphere.

Waste not, want not — the high-tech way

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North Dakota has become synonymous with developing and testing uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS), and now this technology is being put to use on the University of North Dakota campus to help reduce energy costs and assist with infrastructure repairs and improvements.

Next up: Next-gen components for nuclear reactors

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Sougata Roy, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, received nearly $250,000 to study how additive manufacturing (AM) processes can be used to make the nuclear reactor components. Additive manufacturing is a process not dissimilar to how a 3D printer makes plastic objects.