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More People Listing Snippet Improvements

UND launched a revised people listing snippet that is more accurate and less work for web managers to maintain their Contact Us pages. The new snippet is called “People Listing, Auto by IDM” and is a hybrid of the Manual People Listing and Auto From Directory snippets. The snippet automatically creates a people listing based off of username (IDM), which atomically populates directory contact information in the order that you prefer.

The People Listing, Auto by IDM snippet has three options:

  1. IDMs
    • IDMs are NDUS login user names. To find the username, copy and paste the name exactly as it appears in the directory URL. Example: For, the username is aimee.halstenson.
    • The order the IDMs dictates the order in the output.
    • IDM lists do not have to be one IDM after another as a long, run-on sentence separated by commas. Users can use ENTER or SHIFT+ENTER between each IDM. This makes it easier to see who is in the list and in what order they appear. I suggest SHIFT+ENTER as this will insert a line break instead of a paragraph with an extra line of white space like ENTER does.
    • Student employees or those without UND IDM credentials cannot be automatically be pulled by IDM and need to be manually entered.
  2.  Display Photos
    • Defaults to Yes. Only use professional headshots. Marketing & Communications offers free headshots days for staff and faculty.
  3.  Display Specialty
    • Defaults to No. Specialty is frequently used by faculty to list their areas of research expertise.

If you are currently using a Manual People Listing snippet, you are encouraged to switch to the new Auto by IDM snippet. Using PeopleSoft data to automatically make your Contact Us pages reduces errors in spellings and contact information. It also means that if a person is no longer employed at UND, they will automatically come off your Contact Us page.

Please continue to encourage faculty and staff to update their individual profiles in the Directory. Instructions are listed on the Web Support site.