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Accordion/Tabs Update

The website Accordion/Tabs snippet is not currently meeting federal accessibility standards because it lacks proper heading structure. The Web Team and UIT worked with mStoner to develop a revised snippet that meets accessibility and web best practices. We’ve developed a process to manually update the existing 950+ Accordions/Tabs snippets found on the web in the coming months.

If your website has existing Accordion/Tabs snippets, you will not have to make any manual fixes. We will be evaluating snippet use to ensure best practices are being met. You may notice that page heading structure or snippet use may be altered when pages are reviewed.

When To Use the Accordion/Tabs Snippet

During this project, we’ve discovered that accordions and tabs are being misused across the UND site. Snippet overuse and misuse are making websites challenging to navigate and prevents users from easily finding information they are looking for. While shortening page content and hiding some content can make a page seem less daunting, accordions and tabs are not a one-size-fits-all solution to creating an organized site.

Proper Use of Accordions/Tabs Snippet

When To Use and Not Use Accordions