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Financial Aid

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If you have not submitted your FAFSA for the 2020-2021 academic year, please do so ASAP. Financial aid award information was sent to your UND student email beginning the week of May 11. If you’ve already completed the FAFSA and you do not receive an award notification by May 15, please contact Jane Thorvilson. The […]

Something for everyone

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The University Counseling Center remains open during the remote instruction period. Services have been modified and will be delivered remotely. If you have questions or need services, please call UCC at 701.777.2127 during normal business hours. Emotional support is available 24/7 through FirstLink at 701.235.7335. With the transition to the new curriculum and year-round instruction, we […]

Academic Support

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There is one thing that we can be pretty sure about—medical students are intelligent. They did well at school (they most likely were even near the top of their class) and some of them will have relied on a good memory, but not always a great deal of study, to pass their exams. Unfortunately, medical school is not like […]

Know your Acronyms: FAFSA

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FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the federal government’s form that students need to complete to be eligible to receive financial aid to help with educational costs. It is available to students of all levels and future professions. More information on FAFSA can be seen here.

From the Associate Dean

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These are unprecedented times and will continue to be so. We are proud of our faculty, staff, and students for working together to make the best out of these new circumstances. My staff and I are proud of each of you. You continuously impress us with your great attitudes, participation, and willingness to serve the […]

MS1: Immunizations, absences

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Immunizations: Immunizations must be completed ASAP. Please follow the guidelines on the AAMC Immunization Form. UND SMHS does require a positive titer for varicella. The only exception to this requirement is if you’ve had the disease, in which case proof is needed to document illness. We also require a positive hepatitis B titer. Both titers need […]

MS2: Immunizations, support

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Immunizations: Immunizations must be completed ASAP. You will not be allowed on your third-year campuses without having the documentation. Documentation can be sent to Bethany Reck. We’re here! As you disperse across the state to begin your next year of medical school, please know the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions is still here to support […]

MS3: VSAS, specialties, absences

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VSAS: The Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) is extending the current suspension of services until the week of May 11. During this time, Home and Host institutions and students will not have access to VSAS. Please visit the VSLO Program Coronavirus FAQs to learn more about the program changes that may affect you. Specialties: And did you […]

Dates and Deadlines

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Look for information on upcoming registration deadlines, which will be sent to your student email account in June. Also, don’t forget that start dates for the next academic year have been moved up to earlier in the year! MS1 begins July 6, 2020; MS2 begins July 27, 2020; and MS3 and MS4 begin June 29, […]

MS4: Congratulations!

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Congratulations medical student graduates of 2020! We are so proud of you! We know how hard you have worked to get to this point. You are bringing the mission of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences to fruition. Congratulations from all of us at the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions.