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Welcome: Alyssa Montgomery

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Hello! My name is Alyssa Montgomery, and I am the Student Services/Admissions Officer. I can assist with applicant needs and questions, financial aid support, and any other question you may have. If I do not know the answer immediately, I will learn it or lead you to the person who does know. I am here […]

Something for everyone

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Did you know the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences purchases long-term disability benefits for medical students? Long-term disability insurance provides protection for students should a disability occur. These benefits are through The Guardian. Provisions and eligibility information can be found online here. If you have questions on the policy, please contact Tass Wood, […]

MSI: University perks and services

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Remember: as a medical student at UND you can take advantage of an array of services and student perks provided by the University. UND Health & Wellness has much to offer! Emotional Wellness: The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a range of counseling services, a free and confidential mental self-assessment, and outreach services. Medical Services: […]


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Well, we completed Pre-Med Day and our Teddy Bear Clinic events. Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and willingness to give back to the community. We will be talking about the lottery and making those choices this month. We are working with the lottery committee to help make the process go […]

MSIII: VSAS tokens

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Just a heads up—we’ve been getting a lot of questions about VSAS tokens. Tokens will be distributed in January and will come from Summer Eggen from the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions. What is VSAS, you say? It is a service of the AAMC and it stands for the Visiting Student Application Services. It […]

MSIV: Residency interviews

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Are you concerned that you may not have received enough residency interviews? There could be several reasons for this, but you should talk to your campus dean or to Dr. Dorscher to help you figure it out. It is possible that there are not a lot of interviews being issued in your field at this […]

Odds and Ends

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Know Your Acronyms MSPE: The Medical Student Academic Performance Evaluation, commonly referred to as “the dean’s letter,” is a letter of evaluation. Although the Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions collects most of the data and signs the letter, the only section our Office develops is the “Noteworthy Characteristics” portion of the letter. This […]

Something for Everyone

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Congratulations to our new Alpha Omega Alpha Nominees: Haley Amoth, James Evers, Jacob Greenmyer, Ellen Kronzer, Jordan Lindholm, Shirin Nour, John Stacy, Annika Strand, Alexandra Streifel, and Ashley Wood (plus one more student we were unable to contact after several attempts). Alpha Omega Alpha (AΩA) Honor Medical Society is an honor society in the field […]


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Volunteer to assist future med students! The SMHS Office of Student Affairs & Admissions will be asking for volunteers to take care of the admissions table on our behalf as we conduct medical school applicant interviews in the next few months. We need volunteers for all but one weekend in November, the first weekend in […]


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Personal Statements You probably won’t be writing your personal statements for a few more months, but you can prepare yourself to do it. One of the best ways of doing this is to journal. It need only be a notebook or a place on your computer where you write something nearly every day–just a line […]