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2022 Program Finder Audit

Marketing is conducting an annual Program Finder audit. UND’s Program Finder is the #1 place prospective students go to learn about academic offerings, attracting over 2.2 million external visitors in 2021.

Its critical program page content is up-to-date and we need your help reviewing program page content. Refer to the Program Finder Audit for details, best practices and things to watch for during the review process.

How to Complete the Audit

To successfully complete the audit, follow the steps below. When reviewing program pages, please look for inaccuracies. Pages will not be completely rewritten. Marketing will begin making changes to Program Finder pages after May 2.

  • Every page must be reviewed by the respective academic department/program/college by May 2, 2022. To ensure page accuracy, programs must work together to consolidate feedback and complete one form per program.
  • Review program list spreadsheet to identify program pages needing review. This spreadsheet is organized by college in the bottom tabs and includes URLs/links to all program pages.
  • Follow links to review your Program Finder page content. This includes the program’s index/homepage, how to apply, how online works, tuition etc.
  • Complete one Program Finder Audit Form for each program you are reviewing. This form must be completed even if you are not requesting changes so that we know the content was reviewed.
  • Follow steps on Program Finder Audit to review list of programs on the UND application for accuracy.

In addition to reviewing program pages, Admissions would like programs and Colleges to review the list of programs on the UND application to ensure accuracy.

Please direct questions to (Assistant Director, Marketing Strategy) or (Web Manager).