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Think Different

Categories: Discovery

As we rethink our website, we’re challenged to ‘Think Different’ about why we have a website, who visits and how it’s used. Why do we have a website? This seems like a reasonable question but our site doesn’t have a single purpose. In fact, it’s not even one website; it’s many websites, managed by many people, serving […]

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Categories: Discovery

mStoner provided a series of deliverables that set the stage for how we’ll build a new website that addresses our internal needs and exceeds user expectations. Recommendations for Improvement The following reports are mStoner’s recommendations for how to proceed with web management. Additional input will be gathered from the project team, Marketing Council and others […]

Top 5 Wishes from Onsite Discovery

Categories: Discovery

We’re deep into the discovery phase of the website redevelopment project. mStoner is gaining an understanding our institution and web landscape by: Studying relevant materials such as strategic documents and recruitment materials Diving into our Google Analytics and site structure Checking out competitor sites Most importantly, mStoner is listening. mStoner visited campus on February 27–28, […]

We’re Listening

Categories: Discovery

Any successful web redevelopment project starts with discovery. This important phase informs ALL decisions we’ll make throughout the project. This task doesn’t fall to one person; rather we’re gathering input from several members of the UND community. What We’re Discovering The purpose of the discovery phase is to: Determine how to tell UND’s story on […]