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People Listing Snippet Improvement

The UND Directory hosts individual profiles of faculty and staff. All employees have the ability to update their profile by listing their specialties, biography, education, list of publications etc. This information is easily picked up by search engines like Google. It is also used by Marketing & Communications to pitch experts to the media, generate UND/faculty publicity and generate stories.

Departments using the People Listing snippet on their Contact Us or Faculty/Staff pages requested the snippet be adjusted to include faculty or staff specialties.

This new feature is now available and will display all specialties listed in the specialty field. Please encourage faculty and staff to update their profile prior to using this feature.

Auto From Directory People Listing Snippet

Specialties can be added to the Auto From Directory People Listing snippet by turning the specialties toggle on in the snippet. Specialties listed on directory profiles will appear automatically.

Manual People Listing Snippet

If using the Manual People Listing snippet, a Specialties column has been added after Title & Department. Fill in the column manually and Specialty information will appear after title.

Follow these best practices when using the Manual People Listing snippet:

  • When possible, update your department faculty/staff lists with HR and use the Auto From Directory People Listing snippet instead of the Manual People Listing snippet on your Contact Us or Faculty/Staff webpages. Doing this will ensure your department contact lists are up to date without manually having to change website content when changes are required.
  • Do not delete columns/categories from the Manual People Listing snippet. If you do not wish to display a category in the table on your website, leave the content area within the snippet blank.
  • Link faculty and staff names to directory profiles.