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Introducing the Content Container

The content container snippet is now available in Omni. This snippet is most applicable to universal pages without a left navigation, used to restrict website copy from spanning the full width and can add unique design elements to your page. Here are some examples of how the content container snippet can be applied:

Strategic Programming & Initiatives

  • Full-width, universal template page.
  • The intro section uses the container snippet at 67% width. Font is centered.
  • Green slashes are used throughout page to break up white space. Slashes alternate between left and right side of the screen.

Social Science B.S.

  • Program finder template.
  • The Flexible Online Social Science Degree section has the light gray arrows background applied with 67% width and top and bottom padding.
  • Please note this page was built in the program finder template and all design components used on this page are not available on other templates. For example, the green courses section is exclusive to the program finder template and cannot be used in any other template.


The container snippet should be used sparingly. Too many slashes, designs and color bands on a page are not desirable to users.

Follow Usage Guidelines

Request Access

If would like access to use the content container snippet, please email Aimee Halstenson at