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_testing Folder Update

To assist with the website cleanup project, we created a _do-not-display file for users to implement on their sites. This folder must replace any testing or draft folders on your site. The folder will protect content from being found via search even if it isn’t linked anywhere on the website.

Content that should be stored in _do-not-display includes:

  • Pages or documents that should only be live certain times of the year such as an upcoming event or temporary form.
  • Draft pages or sites that are not yet ready to officially go live but can be previewed in a live functional format.

How to Create a _do-not-display Folder

  1. Navigate to the folder your page or site will eventually be live in.
  2. In content view, click the blue +New button.
  3. Select the _do-not-display Testing Folder.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Once your folder is setup, you can move pages into the folder or create new test pages in that folder.

How to Use the _do-not-display Folder

  • If you are a user in the standard level of service, pages in this folder will not go through the approver account and you will be able to publish and make edits to your page without waiting for approver publish. When you are ready for your page to go live, please contact Aimee Halstenson to ensure the transition goes smoothly.
  • URLs in the _do-not-display folder will be sharable and reviewable by anyone on campus or logged into UND’s VPN. This will allow for group review/approval before sites go live.
  • The _do-not-display folder can be created in any folder in Omni CMS.
  • This folder is not intended to be a storage area for outdated content or pages that should be deleted. This content should be recycled and can later be found in the recycle bin.

If you have questions, please contact Aimee Halstenson