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New Way to Quickly Estimate Tuition and Fees

Categories: Evolve

The days of having one table that clearly describes UND’s tuition and fees are gone. Our differential tuition model is complex – changing based on major, residency, online or on-campus, number of credits, term etc. We had to use fine print to explain all the nuances. Presenting the cost of attending UND is now easier […]

It’s Calendar Prime Time

Categories: Evolve

We reviewed last year’s calendar use and found some interesting results. Calendar Traffic Spiked the First Week of School Each UND calendar event typically receive about 6,000 pageviews per week but spiked to almost 15,0000 pageviews the first week of the fall 2018 semester. Our students are engaged the first week of school and want […]

1 Year Anniversary of Program Finder

Categories: Evolve

UND’s Program Finder provides prospective students a central location to explore all academic programs offered at UND. Since launch, web inquiries increased 386% for undergraduate programs and 138% for graduate programs. The Program Finder also won an Award of Excellence at the 25th Annual Communication Awards and has attracted the attention of several higher ed […]

mStoner is Talking About Us

Categories: Evolve

We’re proud of our work and mStoner is too. Take a moment to read the case study about the UND website redevelopment project. Read UND’s case study >>  

R.I.P. Department Org Charts

Categories: Deploy

We need your help. As we move through Wave 4, we are noticing a desire to have the new website organized the way UND is structured. We are hearing, “we report to XXX now, so we need our site moved.” Our reporting structure and unit names change often. This doesn’t mean our website should be renamed and reorganize […]