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Tera Buckley

Where Are You?

Categories: Deploy

Our people are our greatest assets. Our faculty are some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished individuals in their respective fields. Our staff are highly dedicated professionals who contribute to the campus community. So, where are our people? UND Today highlights many stories but it isn’t feasible to tell everyone’s story. The retired Research Experts […]

See the New Templates in Action

Categories: Design

The New Year will bring us a new website and we’ve finally got working templates for you to see. 3 Big Changes Our new templates employ a number of best practices to increase usability. Chiefly, you’ll notice three major differences: Responsive – The site is programmed to detect the width of each user’s web browser […]

New Calendar Live

Categories: Deploy

The new UND events calendar powered by Localist is now live! The old calendar is officially retired and no longer available for use. If you embed events on your website, we’ve already changed the embed to point to the new calendar. Help Your Events Stand-Out If you’re throwing great events but no one’s attending them, […]

Shopping for Programs at UND

Categories: Design

Imagine for a moment you are Emily, a 17 year-old-senior from a suburb of the Twin Cities. You are at the top of your class and exploring several regional college options. You don’t know what you want to be, but you want a good career that pays well. You rely on Google to find majors […]